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Airmail’s productivity-oriented email app comes to the iPad

Airmail’s productivity-oriented email app comes to the iPad

By Steve Dent

The split-screen function will be a boon to multi-taskers.

Airmail is a popular Mac and iOS email app among power users, as it lets you use nearly any client and tailor the environment to suit your needs. While it recently came out on iPhone for the first time, the company just released version 1.1 for iPad which, along with the new features, should please hardcore users even more. Airmail now has split screen and multitasking, keyboard support for iPad Pro users, read receipts, smart folders, Touch ID support and a “send later” function for scheduled emails.

For those not into mega-customization, the price and time commitment may be a bit much. If your email is a bottomless well of time-suck, though, it helps you plow though messages more rapidly. It not only works with Gmail, IMAP/POP3 and Exchange clients, but is also compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Wunderlist and other productivity apps. Other features let you star items from the lock screen, instantly create a PDF from an email and load remote images, usually with just a few touchscreen presses. If all of that is worth $4.99 to you, Airmail 1.1 is now available on the App Store.

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