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Facebook Makes Finding your Messenger Friends way easier

Facebook Makes Finding your Messenger Friends way easier

By Andrew Tarantola

Messenger gets usernames, link support and codes.

Facebook announced on Thursday that it is implementing three new features for its popular Messenger app. They’re designed to make finding and connecting with other users easier. Specifically the company is rolling out “Messenger Usernames,” “Messenger Links” and “Messenger Codes.”

Messenger Codes work in essentially the same manner as Snapchat codes; you simply scan the code that someone sends you to instantly connect with them. Usernames and links perform the same base function — giving other people a quick means of finding you on Messenger. Usernames can easily be added to business cards and other physical media, as theFacebook blog announcement suggests, while links are meant to be integrated into email signatures. The new features are being made available to businesses as well as individual users, which should dovetail nicely with the company’s rumored efforts to enable purchases directly through the app.

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