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Google Play Store App For Apple TV – A Rivalry Which Could Turn Into A Collaboration?

Google Play Store App For Apple TV – A Rivalry Which Could Turn Into A Collaboration?

Google Play Store App For Apple TV – A Rivalry Which Could Turn Into A Collaboration? – It’s already known that between Google and Apple is a fiercer rivalry, but it’s easy to understand why.

Every company is trying to make its products more successful without needing to collaborate with its competition, but in some cases, we’ve seen Google applications such as Gmail app on iOS. But, what if Google will integrate its Play Store into Apple TV?

If you have a rich imagination, you’ll think of the many possibilities which could result from this collaboration. We’d have free applications, games and the rest of content from the Goggle Play store, which would be supported by the Apple TV video streamer.

You’d play games or watch movies directly on your big TV screen, after being downloaded to your Apple TV device. Sounds impossible? No, but we can’t give you the news you’ve been waiting for, because none of the companies has came up with the proposal of a collaboration, but if our scenario will materialize, then it will be very difficult for the two platforms to work together, because Apple’s platform is closed and the developers.

They can’t make any changes to its protocols, while Google’s store is an open source platform and the developers.are free to create applications and make changes according to their preferences When a developer uploads the stable version of an application and uploads it to the Play Store, Google’s employees are checking it and if the APK is clean of viruses and other problems, it’s made available for download.

If Apple TV will integrate the Google Play Store in it, then we’ll need to see some changes in its policy. The Apple TV users will have access to all content from the Android store, and they would watch or download paid movies without a problem.

But when it comes to applications and games which are now supported only by the Android mobile devices, things are a bit complicated, since we’re talking about two different ecosystems.So, when an Apple TV would try to install Android apps or games, he would have limited access to non executable file types.

In this case, in order to be able to install Android applications on the Apple TV, the users would need to install an emulator such as Bluestacks. This way, Android applications would run without a problem on the Apple TV. Source: NeuroGadged


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