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Parrots new Fixed Wing Drone. Amazing.

Parrots new Fixed Wing Drone. Amazing.

e5bxjhkwe88i76d9yv9iUnveiled at CES and this looks amazing. We’ve seen a huge explosion in quad copter type drones, but this looks pretty unique.

It’s a fixed wing drone with a 1080p camera and is capable of flying for 45 mins at up to 50MPH.

It has easy take off, return home and pre-set route features, and you can fly it with either your phone/tablet or the Parot Drone Controller with the optional VR glasses. Now that would be pretty special!

It’s not small, but you can easily detach the wings for packing down. All in all it’s a pretty smart drone and I’d like to see one of those Japanese ‘drone catching in a net quad things’ (not the official name) keep up with this!

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