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Samsung Gives Your More Options with its Edge Displays

Samsung Gives Your More Options with its Edge Displays

By Nick Summers

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note Edge, we weren’t sure if its sloping display was a gimmick or a glimpse at the company’s future. Turns out it was the latter, what with the various Galaxy S6 models and the images we’ve seen of the Galaxy S7. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see Samsung refining the feature with some fresh software. The arrival of Android 6.0 Marshmallow allows users to more than double the pixels dedicated to the narrow panel. So when you swipe in from the right, the column can now be set to 550 pixels wide, rather than the usual 260.

The company has introduced some extra customisation options too. Before, the “Apps edge” would show your five most recently used applications. That’s now been upped to 10, with the option to add favourite folders for faster discovery and launching. There’s also a new Tasks edge, which offers shortcuts to specific app functions like creating new contacts and calendar appointments. One of more intriguing additions, however, is the Quick tools panel, which puts a full utility on the right-hand side of your screen. These include flashlight controls and a compass (not that I ever need a compass, outside of Firewatch.)

Finally, there’s the option to customise the “handle” that sticks out from the edge of your home screen. When the curved display was first debuted, this on-screen tab was important to get people using and thinking about the new, hidden software features. For longtime Galaxy fans though, accessing this area probably feels like second nature. As such, it’s now possible to change the position, size and transparency of the tab, making it vanish entirely if that’s your preference. It’s a small but useful change, if only to keep your highly curated home screen looking pixel perfect.

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