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Samsung Goes Big on Internet of Things in 2016

Samsung Goes Big on Internet of Things in 2016

By Gary Cutlack

Samsung’s already telling us to prepare for the impact of CES 2016 in January, where it’ll be arriving with numerous cargo cases full of new types of smart television — all ready for instant plugging in to its Internet of Things enabling SmartThings platform.

“The 2016 line-up of Smart TVs will offer consumers new possibilities and cement Samsung’s market leading position, as the first company to launch IoT ready TVs,” said Hyun Suk Kim, Samsung’s screens boss, with the SmartThings Extend USB adaptor also adding the thrilling ability to turn dumb electronics on and off again, repeatedly, from your TV or phone, to a wide range of home electronics.

Alex Hawkinson, CEO of SmartThings, is happy about the fun this will enable, saying: “Applying this technology into current household devices is a major step forwards that will make it much easier for everyone to experience the benefits of a smart home.”

Although Samsung’s announcement includes the words “thermostat” and “connected lights,” so actual useful uses for connected homes and televisions that go beyond the comedy of remotely controlling the light in the bathroom appear to be quite thin on the ground. [Samsung]


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