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Samsung is letting everyone try its new S2 Smartwatch for FREE!

Samsung is letting everyone try its new S2 Smartwatch for FREE!

If you’re want to try Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch before your open your wallet, you can now wear it for free. The Korean tech giant has just unveiled a new app that lets browse the Gear S2’s many faces and straps. Samsung describes the new smartphone app as “a hands-on feel, even when you cannot get your hands on a Gear S2 in real life.”


“The Gear S2 Experience app is a great way to get a deeper sense of what Samsung’s latest wearable is all about,” it reads. “Nothing compares to the real thing, but the Gear S2 Experience app comes pretty close.”

Fans will be able to pick from two designs which include the sleek S2 and more traditional S2 classic. Straps are now interchangeable, and there will be plenty of designs to choose from when the watch finally goes on sale.

The watch is controlled in a number of ways – you can either tap the beautiful touch screen, or twist the bezel on the face of the device. This whisks you through to your favourite apps and notifications, and it works well. Samsung say there will be over 1,000 unique apps at launch, with many big names already featuring on the watch.

Here is the official unboxing video

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