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Samsung Unveils “Waffle” Social Network

Samsung Unveils “Waffle” Social Network

Social networking is a saturated market, but Samsung clearly thought there was a gap as it’s unveiled a new service called Waffle. Basically, the app allows friends to all collaborate on grid of images (resembling a waffle), which can be endlessly expanded making it akin to “a communal graffiti wall.”

In the demonstration video, the app shows friends all teaming together to wish one of their group a happy birthday, adding little drawings and photos of cake to the grid before sending it off. “Waffle offers a new, differentiated service that illustrates multiple points of view to generate a collaborative story,” said the company, while Joseph Kim, the head of Waffle, added: “Waffle enables users to add their own perspective to someone else’s content, and vice versa.”

What do you think? Is there room for this in the increasingly busy social network industry?

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