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Samsung Working on Whispered Voice Recognition Technology

Samsung Working on Whispered Voice Recognition Technology

Samsung is believed to be working on a new app that will allow whispered voice recognition on smartphones. This is according to a patent published about an application that is said to rival Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now. Sure, Samsung already has the S Voice but it’s not really that popular. Truth is, the Samsung S-Voice has yet to catch up with the competition.

This patent application shows us something different though. It’s not just talking but a person whispering to a smartphone which could be more than just a trend in the future. It’s different because that whispering requires a low-volume voice which could be a challenge to understand.

This “whispered” feature is a new ability that could improve Samsung’s voice recognition technology although it’s not clear how the voice recognition process would go. The file simply details how the phone would recognize the type of speech which would then activate the appropriate recognition feature as needed.

We heard that Samsung has been working with Nuance so the company could be using the latter’s computer software technology. If that’s the case, then we might see this new whispered voice recognition become a reality soon. We haven’t heard anything new lately about the S-Voice so maybe this patent filing could be the newest tech from Samsung. What do you think?

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