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13th July, 2017

What is And why do you need some of it!

AI and Cognitive technology is on the move, it’s spreading across all marketings and has already had huge successes in areas like healthcare and marketing. And now, with the help of it’s come to sales., the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales, earlier this year launched a Real-Time Conversation Intelligence TM (RTCI) for B2B sales teams, a first in its category, and this week announced that they have raised Series A funding of $26m to help them move the business forward.

This provides sales reps with a competitive edge by alerting them and assisting them in real time with a variety of pain points related to a sales [...]

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10th May, 2016

The creators of Siri just showed off their next AI assistant, Viv, and it’s incredible

By Ben Popper

Viv wowed the crowd during a public demo in New York

Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer created the artificial intelligence behind Siri, Apple’s iconic digital assistant, and one of the first modern apps to capably handle natural language queries on a smartphone. Today the pair showed off their newest creation, Viv, a next generation AI assistant that they have been developing in stealth mode for the last four years. The goal was to create a better version of Siri, one that connected to a multitude of services, instead of routinely shuffling queries off to a basic web search. During a 20-minute demo onstage at Disrupt NYC, Viv flawlessly handled a dozen [...]

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20th April, 2016

Skype’s chat bots come to Macs and the web

By Jon Fingas

You can talk to AI helpers in more places.

You no longer have to be quite so picky about where you chat with Skype’s chat bots. The Skype team has made preview bots available on both the native Mac app and the web, giving you a way to ask AI for assistance on your platform of choice. The experience won’t be much different than what you’ve seen in Windows, but there are two new preview bots to try: Murphy (which finds and creates images to answer questions) and Summarize (which recaps a web page). Give this a shot if you’ve been waiting for first-hand experience with Microsoft’s software helpers.

Article was originally posted [...]

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14th April, 2016

Facebook shows how you’ll be able to auto-tag friends in videos

By Roberto Baldwin

This upcoming feature will recognize people as they appear in the frame.

On stage at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, the company did a quick demo of an upcoming auto-tagging feature for video. Using the artificial-intelligence-based recognition technology Facebook already uses to identify your friends in photos, the social network will be able to determine who’s in your videos.

It’s unclear so far when this feature will roll out, but so far we know that it can not only find people in a video, but also pinpoint in the video player’s timeline the exact moment that person shows up in the frame. Users will then be able [...]

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