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10th May, 2016

The Eyse camera shows friends what you’re doing in virtual reality

By Ashley Carman

The glory of virtual reality is to live in another person’s shoes — to feel what they feel, experience what they experience, and see what they see. The Eyse camera, which launches on Kickstarter today, aims to make that a possibility for anyone with a smartphone. Eyse’s promotional video shows a grandma attending her grandson’s birthday party from afar and friends out hiking projecting the scenery to someone at home. It’s a pleasant vision, and really, if this camera works, it’d be really cool. But still, it’s pretty expensive for something being marketed as a toy, with it being sold at $299 for the early bird special. That [...]

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27th April, 2016

Hover, a self-flying camera drone, lands $25M for better aerial shots

By Fitz Tepper

Have you ever tried to capture close-up video of yourself or others with a traditional drone? It’s nearly impossible.

To solve this problem China-based Zero Zero Robotics has raised $25M to build Hover, a small self-flying drone. The funding is composed mainly of a $23M Series A round from IDG, and China-focused firms GSR Ventures, ZhenFund, ZUIG.

While this is the first publicly announced funding by the company, Zero Zero has been working on this technology since 2014 with a team of roughly 70 people. Hover is their first drone, but expect to see its self-flying capabilities replicated in future products from the company.

Hover packs a 13MP [...]

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20th April, 2016

Forq automatically shares your food photos with the world

by Haje Jan Kamps

Forq is on a mission to collect your food photos (they call them “snackshots”) on its Instagram-like app. Today, the company is launching out of beta with new functionality, including an option to let the app scan your iOS camera roll for food photos. If it finds any, it can upload them for you as drafts, so no bite goes to waste.

The app maker is encouraging you to photograph every meal so you can remember and share what you’ve eaten, under the slogan that “great food deserves to be shared.” If the number of brunches captured on Instagram are anything to go by, that’s not an uncommon theme, but Forq is adding a series of new tools for food lovers to [...]

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20th April, 2016

Nokia’s Ozo camera now broadcasts live VR

By Jon Fingas

Virtual reality streaming and TV just became much more practical.

Now that live virtual reality is hitting the mainstream, you need a camera to make it happen, don’t you? Nokia is happy to help. It’s creating a live VR broadcasting option for its Ozo camera that will show 360-degree video as it happens, complete with spatial audio. You aren’t likely to use this yourself when it costs about $60,000 to get an Ozo, but it’ll be a big deal for streaming providers and other broadcasters that want to experiment with VR. It’ll reach a handful of partners in the spring, and should be widely available this summer.

Nokia is making it [...]

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