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11th May, 2016

Google’s own Cardboard viewer arrives in the UK

By James Trew

The company’s own-brand budget VR headset is available outside the US.

Google’s most accessible VR headset is now available in France, the UK, Canada and Germany, via the official store. For something that was meant to bring VR to the masses, Google had been unusually coy about actually putting it out there. The search giant only started selling its own version of the headset in the US in February. Before then, you had to source fromthird parties (fortunately there are many), or change your cereal ornewspaper of choice. Even then, headsets varied in quality for something made of cardboard, and not all the manufacturers offered the newer version, so [...]

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11th April, 2016

Watch the first live VR surgery stream on April 14th

By Jon Fingas

You’ll get to see every aspect of an operating theater in action.

Virtual reality has already been used to assist with surgery, and now it’s giving you a chance to see that surgery as it happens. Medical Realities says it’ll host the first live VR stream of surgery on April 14th, using a 360-degree camera to show the entire operating table. You’ll only need the company’s app and Google Cardboard (or a viable alternative) to tune in. The surgery isn’t particularly risky (it’s a fairly standard tumor removal), but the company is aware of the dangers — the feed is delayed by a minute in case something goes [...]

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31st March, 2016

Google Cardboard takes you ‘Inside Abbey Road’

By Nick Summers

Grab a headset and take a peek.

Almost a year ago Google launched “Inside Abbey Road,” a special site containing an interactive tour of the legendary recording studio in London. Today, the company is back with an Android app that repackages the experience for Google Cardboard. Instead of clicking around in the browser, you can slide your phone into a compatible headset and peek around naturally. It’s mostly the same content, combining detailed Street View imagery, 360-degree video and some audio narration by Giles Martin, the son of record producer and “fifth Beatle” Sir George Martin.

The original site was put [...]

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31st March, 2016

Google Makes it Easier to Bring VR to your Apps and the Web

By Jon Fingas

VR View should lead to more immersive photos and videos.

The challenge of bringing virtual reality to the masses isn’t so much recording it as putting it in front of people’s eyeballs. How do you plunk VR into an app without resorting to exotic code? Google can help. It’s launching a VR View tool that makes it relatively easy to embed VR photos and videos in apps and websites. In software, it’s just a few lines of programming with the Cardboard developer kit (which now supports iOS, we’d add). On the web, you only need embedding code like the sort you use for 2D clips.

It’s a seemingly simple effort, but it [...]

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