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12th July, 2017

Drone flying in Boston and Cyprus

Just back from some travels, and I took my Mavic Pro with me. I love that thing. I need to work on my video settings, but the battery life, size and range is perfect for filming on the move.

This contains some footage from my recent trip to speak in Boston and a break in Cyprus.

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24th April, 2017

Testing the DJI MavicPro

Just unboxed my new Mavic Pro. I’m lucky enough to live near a lake, so this is literally the first flight straight out of the box.

I calibrated, and especially wanted to try out the Active Track mode. Everything was fine apart from my iPhone dropping the video connection. Interestingly the video kept recording and tracking, which was nice, and if I undocked my phone and put it back in, that worked.

First impressions are that it’s amazing and worth every penny. The video quality is amazing and it’s very stable. I’m looking forward to testing out the other modes.


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10th May, 2016

Periscope will add DJI drone streaming and broadcast saving soon

By Roberto Baldwin

The livestreaming service will also support topic and title search.

Today Periscope announced that later this week it will be implementing support for live streaming from DJI drones via iPhones and that it will soon start saving all videos by default. The Twitter-owned service also said that users will be able to search for broadcasts based on topic hashtags like #Travel, #Music and #Food. It will also launch special topics like “GoPros and Drones” and “First Scope.”

The drone feature will work just like broadcasting from a GoPro — a feature that was introduced back in January. Users will be able to switch on the fly from [...]

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26th April, 2016

UF researchers let people race drones using their minds

By Andrew Dalton

Put down that controller.

As drone racing gets faster, cheaper and more mainstream, it was only a matter of time before drone pilots ditched the controller and made the leap to an actual brain-computer interface, as these researchers from the University of Florida did last week.

BCI technology has been used in the past to control everything fromnovelty toys to artificial limbs for paraplegics, and researchers at the University of Minnesota were actually the first to show off a mind-controlled drone in 2013. But as TechCrunch points out, this brain-controlled drone competition is another first.

The low speeds and short, 10-yard indoor [...]

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