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12th July, 2017

Drone flying in Boston and Cyprus

Just back from some travels, and I took my Mavic Pro with me. I love that thing. I need to work on my video settings, but the battery life, size and range is perfect for filming on the move.

This contains some footage from my recent trip to speak in Boston and a break in Cyprus.

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24th April, 2017

Testing the DJI MavicPro

Just unboxed my new Mavic Pro. I’m lucky enough to live near a lake, so this is literally the first flight straight out of the box.

I calibrated, and especially wanted to try out the Active Track mode. Everything was fine apart from my iPhone dropping the video connection. Interestingly the video kept recording and tracking, which was nice, and if I undocked my phone and put it back in, that worked.

First impressions are that it’s amazing and worth every penny. The video quality is amazing and it’s very stable. I’m looking forward to testing out the other modes.


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10th May, 2016

Special delivery: Zipline, UPS partner to carry medical supplies by drone in Rwanda

By Laura Hautala

The service, paid for by the Rwandan government, will serve as a testing ground for drone delivery.

This drone is cute. Two red wings sprout from its short, lightweight body. It’s little and sort of tubby, seeming to exclaim, “I’m an airplane too!”

But its mission will be vital. The drones, manufactured by Zipline, will deliver blood and, later, rabies vaccines to remote Rwandan health clinics. A small paperboard box filled with the life-saving medical supplies fits into the belly of the drone, along with a parachute. Flying long distances over frequently washed-out roads, the drones will get help to those in need faster [...]

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9th May, 2016

Watch a parachute rescue a drone in free fall

By Jon Fingas

ParaZero’s SafeAir can save a drone (and the people below) in an emergency.

Drone operators dread the thought of their vehicle losing power mid-flight, and not just because of the expensive crash that’s likely to follow — it’s that the drone might hit something or someone on its way down. ParaZero thinks it can set those pilots’ minds at ease, however. It recently unveiled a reusable parachute system, SafeAir, that slows drones when they’re in free fall. The concept isn’t completely novel, but it promises extremely quick reactions that could avoid accidents. As you’ll see in the clips below, the chute deploys within [...]

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