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10th May, 2016

Special delivery: Zipline, UPS partner to carry medical supplies by drone in Rwanda

By Laura Hautala

The service, paid for by the Rwandan government, will serve as a testing ground for drone delivery.

This drone is cute. Two red wings sprout from its short, lightweight body. It’s little and sort of tubby, seeming to exclaim, “I’m an airplane too!”

But its mission will be vital. The drones, manufactured by Zipline, will deliver blood and, later, rabies vaccines to remote Rwandan health clinics. A small paperboard box filled with the life-saving medical supplies fits into the belly of the drone, along with a parachute. Flying long distances over frequently washed-out roads, the drones will get help to those in need faster [...]

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10th May, 2016

Periscope will add DJI drone streaming and broadcast saving soon

By Roberto Baldwin

The livestreaming service will also support topic and title search.

Today Periscope announced that later this week it will be implementing support for live streaming from DJI drones via iPhones and that it will soon start saving all videos by default. The Twitter-owned service also said that users will be able to search for broadcasts based on topic hashtags like #Travel, #Music and #Food. It will also launch special topics like “GoPros and Drones” and “First Scope.”

The drone feature will work just like broadcasting from a GoPro — a feature that was introduced back in January. Users will be able to switch on the fly from [...]

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26th April, 2016

Fore: Rakuten’s delivery drones take to the golf course

By Jon Russell

Last month we reported that Rakuten will test drone deliveries on a golf course in Japan, and now the company has released more information and video footage of how the system will work.

To refresh your memory, drones can provide food, snacks and golf accessories like new balls to players while they are out on the course. The drones are developed by Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL), a Japan-based firm that Rakuten invested in.

Golfers simply use the accompanying app — which is only available for Android — to summon a drone. There are some caveats: the total purchase amount must be at least 100 yen ($0.90), the maximum weight of [...]

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11th April, 2016

Drones to be used for Mountain Rescue Missions in Ireland


First responders to emergency incidents in the EU are being trained to use drones to help their work.

Mountain road in the Blue Stack Mountains, Donegal, Ireland.Getty Images

The world’s largest commercial drone manufacturer, DJI, has partnered with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) to help respond to incidents.

As part of the partnership the EENA – which is responsible for the emergency 112 emergency number – will learn to fly DJI’s Phantom, and Inspire drones. To help those responding to emergencies they will also be trained to [...]

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