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11th May, 2016

Google’s own Cardboard viewer arrives in the UK

By James Trew

The company’s own-brand budget VR headset is available outside the US.

Google’s most accessible VR headset is now available in France, the UK, Canada and Germany, via the official store. For something that was meant to bring VR to the masses, Google had been unusually coy about actually putting it out there. The search giant only started selling its own version of the headset in the US in February. Before then, you had to source fromthird parties (fortunately there are many), or change your cereal ornewspaper of choice. Even then, headsets varied in quality for something made of cardboard, and not all the manufacturers offered the newer version, so [...]

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10th May, 2016

Periscope will add DJI drone streaming and broadcast saving soon

By Roberto Baldwin

The livestreaming service will also support topic and title search.

Today Periscope announced that later this week it will be implementing support for live streaming from DJI drones via iPhones and that it will soon start saving all videos by default. The Twitter-owned service also said that users will be able to search for broadcasts based on topic hashtags like #Travel, #Music and #Food. It will also launch special topics like “GoPros and Drones” and “First Scope.”

The drone feature will work just like broadcasting from a GoPro — a feature that was introduced back in January. Users will be able to switch on the fly from [...]

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9th May, 2016

The AiraWear massage hoodie is absurd, but it works

By Steve Dent

Do you really need a back rub on the subway?

I’ve loved the idea of Tware’s AiraWear massage hoodie ever since I heard about it at CES earlier this year, and not just because I enjoy back rubs (who doesn’t!). It’s just such a loopy idea that I’m unreasonably happy someone was willing to conceive, design, prototype and sell it. The wearable is not nearly as good as dedicated massage chairs or pads, but it does provide some muscle relief. And while the current prototype is fragile and I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it in public, the product (which just launched on Kickstarter) may succeed on sheer chutzpah [...]

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6th May, 2016

Navigate your smartwatch by touching your skin

By Jessica Conditt

New tech from Carnegie Mellon makes it much easier to play ‘Angry Birds’ on your wrist.

Smartwatches walk a fine line between functionality and fashion, but new SkinTrack technology from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group makes the size of the screen a moot point. The SkinTrack system consists of a ring that emits a continuous high-frequency AC signal and a sensing wristband that goes under the watch. The wristband tracks the finger wearing the ring and senses whether the digit is hovering or actually making contact with your arm or hand, turning your skin into an extension of the touchscreen.

The tech is so precise [...]

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