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21st April, 2017

Starcraft: It’s 20 years old, still amazing and now Free.

In what I think is a very clever game, nearly two decades after its 1998 release, StarCraft is now free. Legally! Go download it now.

Why free? and Why a clever move? Well, Blizzard are soon to do a new release, a brighter, shinier re-mastered version. So they are using the original as a lead magnet, so to capture new people to the game, and re-ignite the passions of older fans –> then hit them with an ‘upgrade’ offer. Brilliant marketing. Giving something free to get value back later.

I was a huge Starcraft fan and we used to set up LAN parties for this and Doom, so I’m literally downloading it as I type.

Blizzard has just [...]

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5th May, 2016

Nintendo and Vans team up on retro gaming sneakers

By James Trew

Don’t expect a pair of Mario All Stars though.

A Nintendo-themed line of Vans sneakers has mysteriously popped up online. A European store listed the range that includes classic gaming icons like Zelda, Mario and Duck Hunt, adorning some of Vans’ most popular styles (like the Old Skool). Not much else is known about the collaboration, and the listing seems to have been removed (though a cache of it can befound here). The only other info being the collection will likely go on sale in June, priced at around €65 ($75). This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Nintendo sneakers, but it’s the first time we’ve seen them done in a way [...]

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27th April, 2016

Nintendo’s ‘Miitomo’ app passes 10 million users

By Aaron Souppouris

The game company’s first app is turning into a legitimate social network.

Nintendo dropped a pile of news on our laps this morning. Along with its earnings, the Japanese game company gave us a release date for its new NX console, announced a pair of new mobile apps and delayed Zelda into 2017. Buried in among these bigger items is the detail that its first mobile app,Miitomo, now has over 10 million unique users.

Over 10M users worldwide have enjoyed #Miitomo! Are you among them?

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) April 27, 2016

That’s an impressive number for [...]

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25th April, 2016

Logitech made this retro game display from 160 light-up keyboards

By Mat Smith

The peripheral maker teamed up with Iam8bit at Boston’s PAX East.

Because when there’s VR and cosplay around the corner, a simple gaming keyboard is not going to cut it.

Logitech’s installation at PAX East at least caught the eye. It’s made of 160 keyboard, with every key thenlaser-etched for more (multi-colored) light to bleed through. Each key acts as a pixel, treating you to a shortEarthbound-ish bullet-hell cross-over… thing in glowing primary color joy. It teamed up with Iam8bit to program the short movie.

Article was originally posted here

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