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11th May, 2016

Instagram gets a new monochrome look to focus on your media

By Devindra Hardawar

There’s also a revamped, modern Instagram app icon.

After testing a black and white design with a few users, Instagram officially rolled out the look as part of its major redesign today. The idea is that the monochrome interface will put a greater emphasis on your photos and videos. Judging from the screenshots and videos, media does tend to stand out more now on its iOS and Android apps. Additionally, the company has redesigned its app logo with a simple, multi-colored icon that drops the original’s skeumorphic design — it only vaguely looks like a camera. Instagram also updated logos for its other apps, Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang, [...]

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28th April, 2016

New Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps arrive for Windows 10

By Sarah Perez

After Facebook’s stellar quarter, which sees users spending massive amounts of time on its mobile apps, including Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, the company announced this morning it’s bringing this popular trio of apps to Windows 10. Facebook and Messenger are now rolling out to Windows 10 on the desktop and Instagram is arriving on Windows 10 mobile.

As you may expect, the Windows 10 Facebook app has been designed to take advantage of the operating system’s features, like its “Live Tiles” which allow you to see status updates from family, friends and Pages right on your homescreen. The new app is also integrated with File Explorer so you can share [...]

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27th April, 2016

Instagram tests a monochromatic redesign

By Jon Fingas

The iconic blue would go away in favor of black and white.

For all the changes that Instagram has seen in its short history, there have been certain mainstays: you could always count on a sea of blue, for one thing. However, you might have to get used to a different look before long. Anton Abramov has shown The Verge an in-testing redesign that would be considerably more subtle. It’d be dominated by black and white, with simpler icons. The finished product isn’t quite as iconic, but also has virtually nothing to distract you from the photography — pictures stick out like sore thumbs.

Instagram has confirmed that this is real, but it [...]

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20th April, 2016

Forq automatically shares your food photos with the world

by Haje Jan Kamps

Forq is on a mission to collect your food photos (they call them “snackshots”) on its Instagram-like app. Today, the company is launching out of beta with new functionality, including an option to let the app scan your iOS camera roll for food photos. If it finds any, it can upload them for you as drafts, so no bite goes to waste.

The app maker is encouraging you to photograph every meal so you can remember and share what you’ve eaten, under the slogan that “great food deserves to be shared.” If the number of brunches captured on Instagram are anything to go by, that’s not an uncommon theme, but Forq is adding a series of new tools for food lovers to [...]

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