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11th May, 2016

Pebble watches are now better fitness trackers

By Nicole Lee

It’s about time.

After years of relying on third-party activity trackers, Pebble finally introduced its own homegrown version last December. Simply called Pebble Health, the native fitness app tracks your steps and sleep patterns and has a built-in coach to keep you motivated. Today, however, it’s getting a massive update to give you an even more holistic view of your overall health and achievements.

It still tracks those steps and sleep patterns of course, but there’s now a revamped Health section that lets you compare your activity and sleep levels for the past day, week and month. Plus, it also offers daily [...]

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11th May, 2016

Google Translate now works in apps on any Android phone

By Jon Fingas

Translate also has an offline mode in iOS, and Word Lens translation in Chinese.

If you hate having to paste foreign language text into Google Translate just to understand it, your worries are over. Google has updated Translate for Android to introduce Tap to Translate, an expansion of the translation-anywhere feature it introduced on Marshmallow last fall. Anyone running Android 4.2 or later can now decipher unfamiliar text on the spot simply by copying it — helpful if you frequently run into messages or social posts that aren’t in familiar tongues.

There’s more rolling out over the next few days, including things for the non-Android [...]

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9th May, 2016

Relay is a beautiful app for creating and sharing custom maps

by Sarah Perez

Today’s mapping applications are focused on helping you navigate from one spot to the next, or discovering the businesses around you. But they tend to be utilitarian in nature, and not what anyone would describe as “fun” to use. A new mapping application calledRelay changes that. This simple, expertly designed app lets you create custom maps for your upcoming trips, so you can easily visualize in a single map view all the places you plan to visit.

For example, you could add pins to restaurants you want to try, tourist destinations like museums or theaters, stores where you want to shop and even your hotel or Airbnb. By seeing all your pins on the map at [...]

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6th May, 2016

Launcher lets you create iOS widgets that display or hide based on day, time or location

By Sarah Perez

You may remember Launcher as the once-banned iOS widget that Apple booted from the App Store after its approval, then months later allowed back in. The problem Apple had with the app, seemingly, is that its sole existence was to be a widget provider — the app by itself didn’t offer any standalone functionality beyond widget configuration. Today, Launcher is out with its first significant update since its App Store return more than a year ago, with a new version that introduces support for multiple widgets that can also be customized to display or become hidden based on day, time and location.

Wait, multiple widgets that can appear or disappear based on [...]

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