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11th May, 2016

Instagram gets a new monochrome look to focus on your media

By Devindra Hardawar

There’s also a revamped, modern Instagram app icon.

After testing a black and white design with a few users, Instagram officially rolled out the look as part of its major redesign today. The idea is that the monochrome interface will put a greater emphasis on your photos and videos. Judging from the screenshots and videos, media does tend to stand out more now on its iOS and Android apps. Additionally, the company has redesigned its app logo with a simple, multi-colored icon that drops the original’s skeumorphic design — it only vaguely looks like a camera. Instagram also updated logos for its other apps, Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang, [...]

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6th May, 2016

Navigate your smartwatch by touching your skin

By Jessica Conditt

New tech from Carnegie Mellon makes it much easier to play ‘Angry Birds’ on your wrist.

Smartwatches walk a fine line between functionality and fashion, but new SkinTrack technology from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group makes the size of the screen a moot point. The SkinTrack system consists of a ring that emits a continuous high-frequency AC signal and a sensing wristband that goes under the watch. The wristband tracks the finger wearing the ring and senses whether the digit is hovering or actually making contact with your arm or hand, turning your skin into an extension of the touchscreen.

The tech is so precise [...]

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5th May, 2016

Vine’s Windows 10 app is a great way to watch its short videos

Devindra Hardawar

It makes watching Vines more like flipping around TV channels.

Vine finally debuted an official Windows 10 app today, which you can find for free on the Windows Store. It offers everything you’d expect: A selection of the latest trending Vine videos, as well as the ability to explore videos in different category channels. While you can use the app without signing up for a Vine account, it’s far more functional once you log in. You can like, follow and share videos as usual, and adding a video of your own is as simple as dropping it into the app. Unique to the Windows 10 app: you can also add Vine categories as Live Tiles in the Start [...]

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4th May, 2016

Twitter rolls out ‘Connect’ to help you follow more accounts

By Jessica Conditt

Update the iOS or Android version today to try it out.

Connect, Twitter’s newest feature, allows users on iOS or Android to browse a curated list of accounts to follow — it’s like having a personal stylist for your Twitter account. The recommendations will be refined over time, but they’re based on who you follow, tweets you like, popular local accounts, world events and a few other parameters. Twitter will explain why it’s showing you each recommendation, too.

Connect also lets users sync up their address books. If you do so, Twitter will send out an alert when someone you know joins the service, so you can send them a [...]

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