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13th July, 2017

What is And why do you need some of it!

AI and Cognitive technology is on the move, it’s spreading across all marketings and has already had huge successes in areas like healthcare and marketing. And now, with the help of it’s come to sales., the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales, earlier this year launched a Real-Time Conversation Intelligence TM (RTCI) for B2B sales teams, a first in its category, and this week announced that they have raised Series A funding of $26m to help them move the business forward.

This provides sales reps with a competitive edge by alerting them and assisting them in real time with a variety of pain points related to a sales [...]

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3rd May, 2016

The Rock wants you to wake up and smell what he’s cookin’

By Billy Steele

Don’t expect to hit the snooze button.

It can be difficult to get up and going in the morning, especially on Mondays. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has no trouble in the motivation department, and the actor/pro wrestler is looking to lend a hand with yourmorning routine. The Rock Clock is an alarm app that allows you to input goals you’re working to achieve so you can wake up with some motivation from The Rock himself. There’s over 20 alarms too choose from, ranging from the sound of a chain saw to songs and regular clock sounds voiced by Johnson.

If you like to set your alarm a few minutes early so you can hit the snooze button [...]

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28th April, 2016

Apple open-sources CareKit to help us better understand our health

By Chris Velazco

You can play with Apple’s new health software, as well as the first apps.

Forget the iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro: Apple’s biggest surprise at its most recent keynote might have been CareKit, a software framework meant to help iOS users more easily monitor and manage their illnesses. Some of you might have felt your eyes glaze over at the sight of “software framework,” so let’s put it this way: Apple wants to make it easy to assess your own health data and share that data with the people who can help you get even better. And starting today, CareKit is available on GitHub for developers to start playing with.

In case [...]

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21st April, 2016

Find and play podcasts in the Android Google app

By Billy Steele

You won’t have to fire up another app after you search for a podcast.

Google finally added podcasts to Google Play Music this week, but the episodic content is still rolling out to the music service’s Android app. While you’re waiting to have all of your listening content in one place, the folks in Mountain View are giving you another option in the main search app. Starting today, you’ll be able to fire up a podcast right from the search results in the Google app on Android. Once you start a show, a player appears at the bottom of the window with play/pause controls and options for skipping ahead 30 seconds and skipping back 10 [...]

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