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12th July, 2017

Drone flying in Boston and Cyprus

Just back from some travels, and I took my Mavic Pro with me. I love that thing. I need to work on my video settings, but the battery life, size and range is perfect for filming on the move.

This contains some footage from my recent trip to speak in Boston and a break in Cyprus.

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10th May, 2016

Spotify is working on 12 new original video series

By Jamieson Cox

The next step in the service’s big video push

Spotify announced this morning that it’s expanding its video program with 12 new shows, all of which will revolve around music and pop culture. Bloomberg has confirmed that each episode will last no longer than 15 minutes, and the series will be made available to iOS and Android users (with both free and paid subscriptions) in the US, UK, Germany, and Sweden later this year. Bloomberg also notes that this is just Spotify’s first batch of original video: the company is planning a second phase that involves more comedy, animation, and collaboration with artists.

The announcement is [...]

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9th May, 2016

Personal electric plane won’t need an airport

By Steve Dent

Backed by the ESA, the “Lilium” will take off vertically and fly at 250 mph.

Now that hoverboards are an honest-to-god thing, we have to say we’re pretty disappointed with how flying cars have worked out. Another company has jumped into the fray with a vertical take-off plane called the Lilium that can soar at 400 km/h (250 mph). We’d normally say they’re dreaming with the specs: A 10,000 foot ceiling, 500 km (310 mile) range and helicopter-like takeoffs, all on battery power. However, it’s hosted by a European Space Agency (ESA) incubator and the team from the Technical University of Munich plans manned tests next [...]

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9th May, 2016

Watch a parachute rescue a drone in free fall

By Jon Fingas

ParaZero’s SafeAir can save a drone (and the people below) in an emergency.

Drone operators dread the thought of their vehicle losing power mid-flight, and not just because of the expensive crash that’s likely to follow — it’s that the drone might hit something or someone on its way down. ParaZero thinks it can set those pilots’ minds at ease, however. It recently unveiled a reusable parachute system, SafeAir, that slows drones when they’re in free fall. The concept isn’t completely novel, but it promises extremely quick reactions that could avoid accidents. As you’ll see in the clips below, the chute deploys within [...]

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