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11th May, 2016

Google’s own Cardboard viewer arrives in the UK

By James Trew

The company’s own-brand budget VR headset is available outside the US.

Google’s most accessible VR headset is now available in France, the UK, Canada and Germany, via the official store. For something that was meant to bring VR to the masses, Google had been unusually coy about actually putting it out there. The search giant only started selling its own version of the headset in the US in February. Before then, you had to source fromthird parties (fortunately there are many), or change your cereal ornewspaper of choice. Even then, headsets varied in quality for something made of cardboard, and not all the manufacturers offered the newer version, so [...]

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5th May, 2016

Anne Frank’s story to be told in VR

By Jon Fingas

‘Anne’ will recreate the Holocaust symbol’s brief life.

You can already tour Anne Frank’s hideaway in virtual reality if you can’t make it to Amsterdam, but producer Jonah Hirsch is taking that one step further. He’s creating a VR experience, Anne, that will tell the Holocaust symbol’s tale in 360 degrees. Details of how it will work aren’t available, but you’ll get to at least get to wander around the secret annex where Frank and others hid from the Nazis for two years. The project is still young (you’re looking at a rough version above), so it may be a while before you’re trying Anne for [...]

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26th April, 2016

Disney forges a deal to use Nokia’s VR camera

By Jon Fingas

The media giant will use Ozo to make its 360-degree experiences.

Nokia’s Ozo virtual reality camera might have been a big gamble for a company best known for its former cellphone business, but it appears that this roll of the dice is paying off. Disney has struck a deal with Nokia to create VR “experiences” using the Ozo camera. Don’t expect feature-length movies, at least not yet. This is more about making complements to those movies, such as the 360-degree cast interview for The Jungle Book.

The deal isn’t entirely surprising. Nokia is one of the few companies building VR cameras specifically for pros, and what alternatives [...]

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21st April, 2016

AOL bought its own VR studio for HuffPo videos

By Billy Steele

RYOT’s virtual reality and 360-degree videos will be used for news coverage.

News outlets have already jumped on the VR bandwagon, and today another publication joins the fray. Today, AOL announced its acquisition of the LA-based virtual reality and 360-degree video production studio RYOT. By bringing the company under its wing, AOL will leverage the resources to boost The Huffington Post’s quest to “re-imagine journalism as we move into the next generation of dynamic storytelling.” In fact, Arianna Huffington & Co. have already teamed up with RYOT, producing “The Crossing:” an immersive series about the refugee crisis in [...]

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