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6th May, 2016

Navigate your smartwatch by touching your skin

By Jessica Conditt

New tech from Carnegie Mellon makes it much easier to play ‘Angry Birds’ on your wrist.

Smartwatches walk a fine line between functionality and fashion, but new SkinTrack technology from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group makes the size of the screen a moot point. The SkinTrack system consists of a ring that emits a continuous high-frequency AC signal and a sensing wristband that goes under the watch. The wristband tracks the finger wearing the ring and senses whether the digit is hovering or actually making contact with your arm or hand, turning your skin into an extension of the touchscreen.

The tech is so precise [...]

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14th April, 2016

Watch all of a Vine channel’s videos with one touch

By Timothy J. Seppala

You can still let the six-second clips loop if you want, too.

Vine videos aren’t awfully long, and that becomes even more apparent when you’re scrolling through a profile’s post history. So to save some of the hassle of dragging and clicking every six seconds the app will now autoplay an entire channel’s videos in succession. It comes by way of hitting the new “watch” button on Android and iOS. Want to go old fashioned and let that clip loop a few times before moving onto the next? It’s still totally an option, just tap and hold on the video.

If you’re thinking this is a bit like the TV Mode update [...]

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7th April, 2016

Hermés will offer more straps for the Apple Watch

By Daniel Cooper

From April 19th, the bands will be sold separately in a wider range of colors.

Apple and Hermés have revealed that the pair will introduce a raft of new strap options for the Apple Watch. According to Elle Australia, the new bands will launch on April 19th in a variety of pretentious-sounding color options. Users will have their pick of Bleu Paon, Bleu Saphir, Blanc and Feu — more commonly known as Green, Blue, White and Orange. At the same time, the pair will begin selling the bands separate from the smartwatch they connect to, enabling wealthy users to swap their strap to match their outfit. AppleInsider is reporting that the standalone bands will [...]

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22nd March, 2016

New Apple Watch Designs Land With Price Cuts And New Features

The Apple Watch 2 didn’t arrive alongside the new iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro – but the Cupertino tech goliath did reveal a few new Watch designs… 26 new ones in fact.

The new Apple Watches, essentially the same watches as before but with new straps, went on sale immediately after the keynote event at Infinite Loop.

The new line-up is dominated by the Woven Nylon strap range – colorful straps made from four layers of fabric. The Apple Watch Sport range has also been boosted by the arrival of new color options and the are a bunch of new leather straps too, alongside a new Space Black Milanese Loop option.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience at the event that a [...]

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