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Testing the Theta S camera for GearVR playback

Testing the Theta S camera for GearVR playback

I finally purchased a 360 degree camera to create content for my Samsung GearVR. With very limited choice on the market I opted for the Ricoh Theta S. I love my GearVR, but wanted to be able to add my own content, and with a pending first birthday party for my son, I wanted to grab something. And Yes, I did look at the GoPro rig, then worked out the costs and decided it wasn’t quite for me!

Results on the Theta are pretty good. You can read all about the resolution etc over here, but in the real world they don’t mean a lot, as the pixels are spread around 360′, so it’s hard to tell what it’ll come out like till you try it.

Here is the very first thing I took (picture)

Hmmm – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

And then this video (this is a 5MB limit for the site)

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Quality is great the for web, and it’s relatively simple to transfer over to your GearVR and also upload to Facebook (which works great, using the phones giro to navigate the video). A friend of mine introduced me to Pushbullet – so I’m using that for simple file transfer.

So, it’ll do for now, but I look forward to a higher res (if less portable offering). Both Samsung (with the rumoured Gear 360) and Vuze have models out this year.

Any questions let me know below. Or grab me on twitter – @jasoncreation.


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