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The 7 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Shockproof Cases

The 7 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Shockproof Cases

The Galaxy S7 is a real nice phone… it’d be a shame if anything were to happen to it! Here are seven of our favourite shock-proof cases for the Galaxy S7, designed to offer great protection against drops, knocks and general clumsiness.

7. OtterBox Defender

We begin with a classic choice for a shockproof case: The OtterBox Defender. This case goes further than many of its peers with three distinct layers of protection, comprising of a strong polycarbonate shell, a silicone skin to absorb shocks and a thermal-formed screen protector. You even get a belt holster in the box, giving you another way to keep your phone from being dropped in the first place. The Defender looks good too, and doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone either. All around, a reasonable choice.

6. Olixar Rugged Case

The Olixar Rugged Case is our budget option today, offering exception protection for an even more exceptional price: £13. The case is made from a combination of polycarbonate and TPU, and includes a non-slip texture for extra grip. The slim-fitting design adds minimal bulk so that the phone still fits nicely in your pocket, and the raised bezel ensures that the screen doesn’t take the brunt of any fall. Available in toothpaste-green and professional-black.

5. Griffin Survivor Core

Griffin make some of the best protective cases in the business, so I was happy to see that they’d made a case for the Galaxy S7. The Core is designed to be a slimmer alternative to their Survivor case, while still offering excellent drop protection. The case retains the military certification of its predecessor, with a US/UK MIL-STD-810G rating that includes protection from shock, abrasion and vibration. The case is also transparent; fairly common for cases in general but rare for a tough case like this.

4. UAG Protective Case

The UAG Protective Case has a simple name, but it’s anything but then it comes to its design. The UAG is constructed from a strong TPU case, finished with a rugged metal insert and realistic Torx screws for a fittingly hard look. The case meets military drop test standards (the same ones as the Griffin Core, above), and is available in a wide range of colours too: white, ash, black, cobalt, ice,magma and rust.

3. Case-Mate Tough Stand

Case-Mate are another legendary case company, who’ve been offering smartphone owners protections for the better part of a decade. Their Tough Stand is a newer case though, offering excellent shock absorption and a clever integrated stand. This stand lets you easily watch videos or use a Bluetooth keyboard with your Galaxy S7, and works great for games too.

2. Peli ProGear Guardian

The Peli ProGear Guardian is another dual-layer case that offers great impact protection for the Galaxy S7. The case has an anti-slip finish to prevent drops before they occur, and the case meets the MIL-STD-810G standard for drops, abrasion and vibration. Best of all, this case comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it gets banged up over the course of its life, you’ll be able to get a free replacement from the manufacturer. Awesome.

1. Obliq Slim Meta Case

We conclude tonight with one of the best-looking cases on this list, the Obliq Slim Meta. Despite its good looks and slim design, this case is also a great protective force. Its dual material design, utilising polycarbonate and a metallic back plate, provides excellent drop protection. The case also includes a matte surface, preventing unnecessary slips or drops. Combined with three great colour schemes, this is one of our favourite Galaxy S7 cases.

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