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12th June, 2018

IBM And NVIDIA Reach The Summit: The World’s Fastest Supercomputer

IBM and NVIDIA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that they have completed testing the world’s fastest supercomputer, Summit, at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Capable of over 200 petaflops (200 quadrillion operations per second), Summit consists of 4600 IBM dual socket Power 9 nodes, connected by over 185 miles of fiber optic cabling. Each node is equipped with 6 NVIDIA Volta TensorCore GPUs, delivering total throughput that is 8 times faster than its predecessor, Titan, for double precision tasks, and 100 times faster for reduced precision tasks common in deep learning and AI. China has held the [...]

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5th June, 2018

Electric cars can now charge on sunlight day and night with Tesla Powerpacks at new ‘Smart Solar Charging’ station

Tesla has been slowly deploying its solar products and energy storage systems on its own charging network in order to have their fleet drive on solar power, but the same products can also benefit all other electric vehicles.

With that mindset, a company in the Netherlands just added Tesla Powerpacks to a universal charging station with solar arrays in order to allow local EV owners to drive on sunlight day or night.

Read the source article at Electrek

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18th July, 2017

New Galaxy S8 Active render appears online, launch expected soon

We’ve been hearing about the Galaxy S8 Active for a couple of months now. The handset is codenamed Cruiser and will be an AT&T exclusive in the United States. Over the past few weeks, the handset has received its Wi-Fi certification and has also surfaced on benchmarking websites a few times. It has also stopped by the Federal Communications Commission.

Read the source article at SamMobile

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24th April, 2017

Testing the DJI MavicPro

Just unboxed my new Mavic Pro. I’m lucky enough to live near a lake, so this is literally the first flight straight out of the box.

I calibrated, and especially wanted to try out the Active Track mode. Everything was fine apart from my iPhone dropping the video connection. Interestingly the video kept recording and tracking, which was nice, and if I undocked my phone and put it back in, that worked.

First impressions are that it’s amazing and worth every penny. The video quality is amazing and it’s very stable. I’m looking forward to testing out the other modes.


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