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12th July, 2017

Drone flying in Boston and Cyprus

Just back from some travels, and I took my Mavic Pro with me. I love that thing. I need to work on my video settings, but the battery life, size and range is perfect for filming on the move.

This contains some footage from my recent trip to speak in Boston and a break in Cyprus.

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6th April, 2017

Looking for a new phone? You should be!

I love this guy. He doesn’t usually do tech reviews, but he’s clearly very passionate about the new Samsung Galaxy S8.



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11th May, 2016

Google’s own Cardboard viewer arrives in the UK

By James Trew

The company’s own-brand budget VR headset is available outside the US.

Google’s most accessible VR headset is now available in France, the UK, Canada and Germany, via the official store. For something that was meant to bring VR to the masses, Google had been unusually coy about actually putting it out there. The search giant only started selling its own version of the headset in the US in February. Before then, you had to source fromthird parties (fortunately there are many), or change your cereal ornewspaper of choice. Even then, headsets varied in quality for something made of cardboard, and not all the manufacturers offered the newer version, so [...]

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10th May, 2016

This annoying device forces you to sit up straight by vibrating when you slouch

By Alessandra Potenza

It’s good for your posture, but it gets on your nerves

If you work in front of a computer all day like I do, you know that it’s pretty impossible not to slouch. It just happens. That’s why I wanted to try one of the many wearables out there that promise to correct your posture, and make you happier in the process. I picked the Lumo Lift, a small posture-tracking device that’s been around for a couple of years and has received pretty good reviews. My experience with it can be summarized as this: it was a huge relief to turn the Lift off at the end of the day.

The Lift is worn against your skin right below your collarbone, and it’s [...]

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