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12th June, 2018

Looking like Microsoft’s next Xbox will reportedly launch in 2020

Microsoft was quick to acknowledge that it was designing new Xbox hardware at its E3 presentation, but when will you see that hardware? It might be sooner than you think. Thurrott sources have claimed that the next-gen Xbox, nicknamed Scarlett, should launch sometime in 2020 (if history is any indication, likely November). There are no technical details, but it’s described as a “family of devices.” Like the Xbox One, then, you can expect to see derivatives.

Read the source article at Engadget

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25th January, 2017

New Galaxy S8 Leak Promises Stunning Advances

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is looking to make a huge visual impact with an ‘infinity screen’, reports Samuel Gibbs. Speaking to The Guardian, sources gave details on the advanced screen technology and some of the design cues that will make the Galaxy S8 a visually stunning handset.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes, have an almost bezel-less, edge-to-edge “infinity” display and an iris scanner, the Guardian has learned.

The Galaxy S8 will be announced in late March and go on sale on or around 21 April, later than the originally planned launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February due to knock-on effects of the Note 7 fiasco.

The [...]

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11th May, 2016

DARPA is building acoustic GPS for submarines and UUVs


It will utilize undersea sounds instead of satellite feeds.

For all the benefits that the Global Positioning System provides to landlubbers and surface ships, GPS signals can’t penetrate seawater and therefore can’t be used by oceangoing vehicles like submarines or UUVs. That’s why DARPA is creating an acoustic navigation system, dubbed POSYDON (Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation), and has awarded the Draper group with its development contract.

The space-based GPS system relies on a constellation of satellites that remain in a fixed position relative to the surface of the Earth. The GPS receiver in your phone or car’s navigation [...]

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10th May, 2016

The creators of Siri just showed off their next AI assistant, Viv, and it’s incredible

By Ben Popper

Viv wowed the crowd during a public demo in New York

Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer created the artificial intelligence behind Siri, Apple’s iconic digital assistant, and one of the first modern apps to capably handle natural language queries on a smartphone. Today the pair showed off their newest creation, Viv, a next generation AI assistant that they have been developing in stealth mode for the last four years. The goal was to create a better version of Siri, one that connected to a multitude of services, instead of routinely shuffling queries off to a basic web search. During a 20-minute demo onstage at Disrupt NYC, Viv flawlessly handled a dozen [...]

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