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Vine’s Windows 10 app is a great way to watch its short videos

Vine’s Windows 10 app is a great way to watch its short videos

Devindra Hardawar

It makes watching Vines more like flipping around TV channels.

Vine finally debuted an official Windows 10 app today, which you can find for free on the Windows Store. It offers everything you’d expect: A selection of the latest trending Vine videos, as well as the ability to explore videos in different category channels. While you can use the app without signing up for a Vine account, it’s far more functional once you log in. You can like, follow and share videos as usual, and adding a video of your own is as simple as dropping it into the app. Unique to the Windows 10 app: you can also add Vine categories as Live Tiles in the Start menu.

I’ve always found Vine’s short looping videos amusing, but I rarely find the time to browse its website or mobile apps. The Windows 10 app is something different: It’s a much faster and simpler way to view Vine videos. It makes the service feel more like flipping around TV channels, or browsing Netflix’s apps. It’s basically the ideal consumption experience. Videos load quickly, although the app sometimes mixes up the videos and their descriptions. It’s far easier to shoot and upload Vines from your phone, so don’t expect too many Windows users to become Vine stars just yet.

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