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Vivomove is Garmin’s take on a stylish fitness watch

Vivomove is Garmin’s take on a stylish fitness watch

By Edgar Alvarez

Who said looks weren’t everything?

After introducing the Approach X40 last month, Garmin’s back with another new wearable. This time out it’s the Vivomove, a stylish fitness tracker that looks like a traditional watch. The device tracks calories, steps and monitors your sleep patterns, although it lacks feature that might be important to some people: a heart-rate sensor. Garmin did add its Move Bar to the watch face, though, which will remind you to stay active throughout the day. Vivomove also comes with an impressive one-year battery life, as well as water resistance up to 50 meters.

We had the chance to try a prototype of it recently and came away impressed. The Vivomove is light (doesn’t feel heavier than an Apple Watch, for example) and sits comfortably on your wrist. Not being obtrusive is important, as it is designed to be a fitness wearable first and foremost. While it would be nice to have access to text or email notifications, Garmin can’t be blamed for keeping things simple with the Vivomove. The aesthetics and functionality are certainly there, but it’ll be interesting to see wether people find it appealing enough to purchase.

Speaking of which, Garmin’s Vivomove is available in three different models: sport ($150), classic ($200) and premium ($300). The difference between them is the color and leather bands, with the higher-end version featuring a stainless steel plate in a gold-toned hue. Since the 20mm bands are interchangeable, extras will be sold separately starting at $30 for the sport ones (white or black plastic) or $60 for users who prefer leather.

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