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Was this the best product at CES? It could be….

Was this the best product at CES? It could be….

Avegant_Glyph_Press_Shot.0These new virtual reality glasses from Avegant are not like anything else on the market. The main differentiator is that they use a virtual retinal display, projecting images directly on your eyes (rather than the simulated large screen in products like the Oculus); it’s a technology that’s been around since the ’80s, but it’s rarely found in consumer headsets.


And instead of goggles, they look like headphones. In fact, they are headphones — they just tip forward onto your eyes if you want to use them as a headset.

They are completely plug and play. It  plugs into any HDMI-supported device and delivers your existing content in a way you’ve never experienced before: lifelike, crystal clear, brilliant. You can watch any type of existing media, including an immersive 360-degree experience and side-by-side 3D, in amazing detail.

Its a hard thing to imagine, but to help, here is a video of the team at Tech Insider trying them out.

Head on over to their homepage for more details.

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